Bluff Street Bar   2690 28th St Ste E Boulder,CO80301   (303) 444-1562
Bluff Street Bar
2690 28th St Ste E
BoulderCO 80301
 (303) 444-1562

Reviews Of Bluff Street Bar

4.47 92 Reviews
Richardd Daniels
Jul 14, 2018

Chris Versaggi
Jul 14, 2018


Jul 03, 2018

Good music, beer and pleanty of pool tables!

Ken Turner
Jun 20, 2018

Cole Dixon
Jun 10, 2018

This place can be quite rowdy and is not the easiest location to reach, but the prices are good and the happy hours specials are perfect. The best feature of this little bar is the kitchen. Their food is above par and very well made. Grab a pint and some sliders, then kick back with a round of pool.

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